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Budget to mobilize in Paris

Close up of illuminated taxi sign

France is a beautiful country with many places to visit it is also one of the most expensive countries in all Europe, that is why a vacation here will not be anything cheap; however, people still go to France because it is undeniably beautiful and have so many places to know that are full all history and romance, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arch of the Triumph, the Louvre Museum, the Gothic cathedrals and many other destination created to the tourist´s enjoy.

Currently there are many ways spend the money while you are on vacation or a business trip in France, due it is a touristic place in France part of its economy is based in the incomes that are provided from the people who come from other countries to visit the country and to create unique moments in all the historical and romantically places that France have to offer; normally, a tourist when is in France wants to buy a souvenir that could be jewelry, perfumes, clothes, and more in order to always remember the trip, or those cases France have different shops that are distributed in the cities; of course, if you are in France is almost an obligation to eat in the popular restaurants to taste the variety of flavors and its cuisine; if you have to stay in a hotel many of them represent a lot of money only for passed the night; if you go out you should consider visit the emblematic places that the cities have for you; however, many of those places will require pay for the access, such as museums, parks, gardens, houses of important people of the history, and many other attractions; the positive point is the transportation around the city, this is very important because how other way you will be able to move fromone place to another one, there are many tours with a specific route for tourists, but if you want to get access to night clubs to the most fancy restaurants and know the best road to move around, it is better to hail a taxi, because the drivers know the entire city, and they can recommend the best emblematic zone, the favorite restaurant at the city and if you like the parties, they can take you to any fancy club.

At this point the regular question comes up, and that is: What is the budget to get mobilize in a taxi around the cities of France? Are taxis expensive or cheap? Am I going to lose all vacation money only in taxis in France? How can I know the rate in a specific time and day? These questions will be clarified through this article, that way you will be aware of how much you will need during your next vacation in France. These information will be helpful to you in order to prepare the entire budget when you visit this beautiful country.

Taxis in France are considered as the best way of moving around the cities for tourists, although they are even more expensive than the public transport, they are more comfortable and suitable, due the drivers knows the road through all over the city and for the tourists this is an advantage because they help to reach the location faster and without being asking to every people in the street for addresses. In order to avoid get lost trying to look for the public transportation stop or asking for the directions of the hotel is much practical to hail a taxi that is able to take them to every place. For those reasons, the taxi services are preferred for the tourists, and for many local people, as well.

Only, in Paris are registered more than 20,000 taxis drivers working on the streets the seven days of the week during the entire year 24 hours of the day, but the final decision of the services in some cases depend of the driver it could be presented a case when a driver can choose to not stopping or not taking you to your destination for personal reasons, or just because your shift is already over.

In France, the taxi cars are regular or common models, is not like USA for example that the taxis have a specific yellow color, in France any car registered can be a taxi that is why they are different, and the only form that help to identify a taxi is the  triangle sign located above the roof of the car with the word “TAXI” written on it, which help as well to identify when the taxi is not available for the services, in these case the sign is turned on, and by other side when the taxi is available in these case the sign will be turned off. Also inside the car the driver must have a taximeter in good condition, and their license plate that identifies the number of the driver.

The rate of the service will vary, depending the time of the trip, the hour, and day of the week, and the destination based of course from the pick-up point in the city. There are three rates in function with these parameters that rates are: A, B and C. Each letter one are identified with the colors white, orange and blue, respectively. The sign of the taxi must have illuminated one of these three colors, identifying the valid rate to charge for that moment of course the letter will let you know the rate before at that moment before take the taxi.

The most usual rate which the taxi begins to offer the service can vary between 2 Euros and 4 Euros; and the minimum rate for a particular service can be in the order of 5.20 Euros or 7.10 Euros including all the considerations, the tip is not included, in fact is not common to offer a tip to the taxi drivers with the rate is more than enough. Each driven kilometer from Monday to Saturday use the rate A from 10:00 to 17:00, and this rate vary between 0.96 and 1.07 Euros. On the other hand, the rate for each kilometer from Monday to Saturday using the rate B from 10:00 to 17:00 is established between 1.17 and 1.29 Euros, and the Sundays the rate will change from 1.21 and 1.29 Euros from 07:00 to 00:00. The rate C is applied only in Sundays, and it has a price that can be either 1.47 or 1.56 Euros from 00:00 to 07:00. However, the rates applied for 3 passengers in case that is needed to take a fourth person the rate varies from 2.70 Euros to 4 Euros; the consideration of baby on board change the rate to 1 or 2 Euros; the consideration of having luggage that weighs more than 5 kilos has a rate of 0.90 Euros; if the taxi have to look for you in an airport or the hotel you should pay the road to the pick-up point this rate is around 0.70 Euros; is you want to transport a pet, you must pay an additional of 0.60 Euros. For, each hour keeping the taxi waiting the rate can increase to 30.33 Euros and 35.05 Euros.

The prices of the taxis are the same, and you can pick-up a taxi only in the authorized stop identified, in Paris, for example, there are 490 existent stops where taxis can be found, however, exist the taxi reservation service by a phone call or radio-phone. The rate in each service are ruled by the companies and that is something that taxi drivers in France respect a lot.

During the night it could happen that taxis are very difficult to find, due many of them are resting in high hours of the night. However, it is recommended to walk to the nearest street or avenue where you can find an authorized stop, because the taxis tend to pass by over the big streets and avenues so often. During the day will be easier to find a taxi; nevertheless, this recommendation also works for these cases if it turns difficult to find a taxi in your location.

It is advisable to avoid taking a taxi during the morning around 11:00, and in afternoons from 16:00 to 20:00, because the streets are crowded and the traffic is really heavy, so it could take an eternity to go in a taxi to one place to another! If, you have to take the taxi we recommend creating a conversation topic with the driver or take with you some relaxing music to enjoy the trip and make it comfortable for you.

Many taxi drivers want to take advantage of the users, mostly with the tourists, in France the taxi drivers must have a GPS and show the route to the destination, but some driver turned off, if the tourist do not request to see the GPS, the driver will take the longest route in order to increase the rate of the trip. But if you are aware of your route and ask to the driver to turn on the GPS he must do it, because this is a regulation established by companies and government. The users have the right to see the route to reach the destination point.

“I considered myself like a honest driver tat treat the passenger with the respect that he or she deserve, I don’t have the need of take the longest route of turned off my GPS, because this is against my ethic and personal principles. Sadly I have to admit that many colleagues do that things, and when the passenger request to turn on the GPS they offend and the passenger provide a negative comment about the service and the taxi company. That is why I prefer to create a bond with the users, especially with the tourists, I like to talk with them and told them the stories about the city and recommend to them the most especial places to visit, the o of the case they are grateful and even give me more than the rate expressed in the taximeter.” said a Parisian taxi driver when he was evaluated about the service, and his experience as taxi driver.

In you are traveling with a pet, you should notify in advance to the taxi driver, due you can find with a driver that could be allergic to dog, cat, birds or simply that the driver do not like to transport animals in his cars. For that reason is better to notify and prevent any conflict with the driver, as a tourist you can travel with your pet from your country in order to know the Eiffel Tower or the Sienne River and other attraction, so be aware and notify to the taxi driver first.

There are so many rules regarding taxi services in France, which are applied to the drivers, and the passengers as well, remember that when you have an additional consideration like a pet, or too much luggage the rate will vary, and you should notify this to the driver and that way you will be sure that you can take that car and how much money do you have to pay for the service.

Beside all the consideration that you should have in mind, the taxis services are the best way to know France and its beautiful cities. If you are a tourist a particular taxi service will be helpful during your staying in the country, due will take you from one place to another without the risk of get lost in the city and know the country in the safest way possible.

When we started the article there was many questions without answer, now at this point you not only know about the rate and how much easy is to get a taxi, you also know some tips that will help you in all the time during your vacation trip in France, and what you must consider at the moment of take a taxi, so you just enjoy your taxi ride and relax while you know France!